‘It’s little Amelia’s last Christmas: help us make it her best’

Amelia (in the pram) with parents Whitney and Jonny and sister Emily
Amelia (in the pram) with parents Whitney and Jonny and sister Emily

A WIGAN mum is desperate to make her terminally ill daughter’s Christmas the best yet as it will almost certainly be her last.

Whitney Morris is appealing for donations of festive lights and cards to decorate their Beech Hill home like a grotto for Amelia, who has Tay-Sachs disease - a rare inherited disorder that progressively destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

The youngster turns three next month and last week doctors dealt the devastating blow to Whitney and husband Jonny that the youngster now only has a few months to live.

So the couple plan to create as many meaningful memories as possible, with an extra-special Christmas.

Whitney, 22, said; “Doctors said this was going to be Amelia’s last Christmas, as she has months left to live. We always knew that Amelia had a life expectancy of between three to four years, but when the doctors tell you this, reality hits and it really hurts.

“She has had a massive deterioration, as she has problems with her chest, which can cause an infection and she is not taking in enough milk. It is hard when she has seizures, as there is nothing we can do except cuddle and comfort her.

“We are trying to make this Christmas as big and special as we can so we are appealing for lots of cards and decorations and presents for Amelia.

“We took her to Lapland last year and she loved being around the reindeers and enjoyed the Christmassy atmosphere. So I was wondering if anyone could donate a reindeer and sleigh ride somewhere as she really enjoyed it last year.

“We will spend Christmas as a family, as other relatives are coming over to us and we will make it as special as we can for her.

“Amelia’s little sister, Emily, is also really looking forward to Christmas. She is great with Amelia.

“Whenever she is lying on the couch, she always strokes her and tells her it was be all right and gives her kisses.”

Anyone who wishes to donate any Christmas presents or decorations can email natalie.walker1@jpress.co.uk or call the Evening Post newsroom on 01942 506280.

Whitney added: “I want to thank everyone for their generosity and support.”

To follow Amelia’s progress visit Amelia’s Dream Comes True on Facebook.