It’s turned out nice for Bob - descendant of George . . .

Comedian Bob Slayer, who is the great-nephew of George Formby
Comedian Bob Slayer, who is the great-nephew of George Formby

A DESCENDENT of George Formby is the latest name on the bill of the popular Laughs on the Lane gig at the Bellingham Hotel.

Bob Slayer is the great nephew of one of the famous ukelele player and has been recruited by local comic Jimmy O to appear at the ever-growing comedy night.

Despite the relatively close relation between the two, it took Bob quite a while to learn about it.

“I was about 12 or 13,” he said. “There was a bit of a distance in the family.

“It came out when I got into horse racing and I was told then.

“He was obviously huge back in the day but he was way before my time!”

Bob’s career as a comic started in a rather unusual way.

He has spent a lot of time working as a tour manager for various bands and artists including Iggy Pop and Snoop Dogg.

And it was when he was with Bloodhound Gang when he had the chance to make a name for himself.

“They were going off for a cig break and randomly just said, ‘our tour manager will entertain you for a bit, feel free to throw things at him,’” added Bob.

“So they did, which wasn’t pleasant at all.

“The next day, they did the same so I prepared myself and tried to be funny and if anything they just threw things harder.

“On Day three, in Nottingham, I just shouted out to the crowd and asked them if they wanted to hear bad things about the Bloodhound gang but using very different vocab!

“They did and I started getting a few laughs and it just developed from there really.”

Bob met Jimmy, organiser of the Laughs on the Lane gig, at the Fringe festival in Scotland earlier this year.

His act is a rather unique one. In June this year he broke his neck while crowd-surfing in a wheelie bin during his performance at Download festival.

“Yeah, that hurt a bit,” added Bob. “I just went for it, got thrown about for a bit before falling funny.”

The Laughs on the Lane gig prides itself in giving local acts a chance in the business and the gig featuring Bob on October 27 is no different.

As well as Jimmy O, Danny Jolley, Lindsey Davies and John Briscoe will also be starring. To get involved or for ticket information, e-mail