Jackson shaken after bike crash

Jacko's bike after the collision
Jacko's bike after the collision

WIGAN Athletic legend Matt Jackson was left badly shaken after colliding with a car yesterday while in training for his fund-raising bike ride for the Emma Hoolin Appeal.

Jackson was putting the final touches to his preparations for his 250-mile trek from Wigan to Norwich – which gets under way on Wednesday – when he came off second best to a red Hyundai outside the Wrightington Country Club.

The 40-year-old was sent spiralling into a large bush by the entrance of the Country Club, owned by Dave Whelan, just before lunchtime.

After dusting himself down, though, Jackson insisted his place on the starting grid is not in doubt.

“I’m in one piece, which is the main thing, but it could have been so much worse,” Jackson told the Evening Post last night.

“I’ve got a sore neck and my left arm hurts, as well as quite a few scrapes and bumps and bruises.

“Fortunately, the chairman’s choice of decorative shrubbery is relatively soft and accommodating, which afforded me a decent landing.

“We’ve checked the bike out and it seems to be okay, although I will need a new helmet.”

Jackson will be cycling down to Carrow Road with fellow ex-Latics skipper Neill Rimmer, who was on the scene within minutes when he heard of his pal’s accident.

“It looked quite a scary fall,” said Rimmer. “Matt and his bike were covered in bush and mud, but thankfully he’s all right and in one piece.”

Assuming there are no further mishaps, Rimmer and Jackson will depart the DW on Wednesday morning, ahead of Sunday’s televised Premier League clash at Norwich.