Jade’s parents tell of anguish

Police at the scene of the attack
Police at the scene of the attack

THE parents of Jade Anderson have spoken out about the tragedy for the first time - the 14-year-old’s mother Shirley, 36, and stepfather Mike, 33, told of the traumatic moment a neighbour broke the news to them about the horrendous dog attack.

Seconds earlier, a passer-by had seen the Fred Longworth High pupil lying unconscious in a friend’s house on Chaucer Grove, Atherton, surrounded by a pack of dogs.

Mike told how he immediately raced to the scene but was held back by police.

He said: “I shouted at them ‘is she dead?’ I wanted it to be wrong.”

Jade’s parents also revealed the anguish of visiting their daughter in hospital.

Shirley said: “I couldn’t believe it was true up until then. I was still convinced it would be someone else - that it was a mistake.

“Her whole body was covered with white blankets. They covered her head and neck so all we could see was her little face.”

Heartbreakingly, in an interview with The Sun, Shirley also said she and Mike could not bear to leave their daughter or say goodbye.

A post mortem examination has since confirmed that Jade died as a result of “multiple injuries from dog bites”.

And her parents also told of their anger that no action had yet been taken against dog owner Beverley Concannon – whose house has since been boarded up.

Mike said: “She is a monster. I don’t even think she feels emotion.”

Shirley added: “She hasn’t even had the decency to tell us she is sorry that her dogs ripped our daughter to pieces. We haven’t heard one word from her since her beasts robbed us of our princess.”

The dogs involved in the attack – two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers - were shot by police marksmen at the scene, but were not banned breeds.

However, Jade’s family have since launched an online petition calling for a change in the law.

The Justice for Jade petition is aimed at making dog owners more accountable for their pets.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said last week: “At this stage of the inquiry, we do not have anything evidentially to categorically prove a crime has been committed, therefore it is unlikely at this stage we will be seeking to bring a prosecution.

“That is not to say that no prosecution will ever be brought, and we still have a number of inquiries to make.

“As always, our thoughts are with Jade’s family, and we continue to offer them support at such a difficult time in their lives.”