Jail for car jack yob

Car-jacker Jamie Ascroft
Car-jacker Jamie Ascroft

A YOUNG thug who tried to drag a terrified pregnant hospital doctor from her vehicle in a car-jacking attack has been sent to prison.

The late night incident occurred as Dr Emma Matthews was driving home following a night shift at Wigan Infirmary and had stopped at red traffic lights.

As she was stationary at the junction of Riverway and Millgate, Wigan, Jamie Ascroft suddenly pulled open her door, made her grab for her and undid her safety belt, said Peter Barr, prosecuting.

Her skirt tore and Ascroft fell backwards but then lunged forward and grabbed at her again, scratching her arm.

She managed to push him out and closed the door but before she could lock it he opened it and again tried to drag her out and scratched her arm.

Fortunately the doctor, who was 20 weeks pregnant, was able to get him off and closed and locked the door and drove off and called the police.

He was found close to the scene and when interviewed said: “it was a car-jacking.”

Jailing Ascroft, of Spruce Road, Beech Hill, for three years eight months, the judge, Recorder Michael Hayton, said: “People expect to be secure in their own vehicles.

“They do not expect people like you to drag them out.

“Her dress was torn and she suffered some minor scratches. Understandably she was very shaken and distressed.

“That upset was magnified by the fact at the time she was pregnant and she said she feared for herself but primarily for her unborn child.”

Paul Treble, defending, said that Ascroft, who pleaded guilty to attempted robbery on September 11 last year, has had problems and at the time had been concerned over his young son.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Ascroft has 30 previous convictions for 60 offences and the judge told him he needed to take a long look at his life and decide whether to get on the straight and narrow or keep offending.