Jail for savage ear-chew thug

Jailed for ear-biting assault - Wesley Barr
Jailed for ear-biting assault - Wesley Barr
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A WIGAN thug who left his victim permanently disfigured by biting part of his ear off has been caged.

Wesley Barr, who had earlier thrown a brick at John McNamara but missed hitting a nine-year-old boy in the face instead, was this week jailed for 33 months.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that 31-year-old Barr got involved after his partner, Angela McCormick, began the trouble and slapped Mr McNamara.

The mother-of-three escaped going to jail as she is eight and a half months pregnant and a 20-week prison sentence was suspended for 12 months.

Victim John McNamara, said: “If he does the full term then fair enough but you never know these days. If he gets out half way through it won’t be long enough. It probably is the minimum sentence he could have got.

“She has got off lightly because she was the one who started it and then she told people that it was me who was threatening her.”

The judge, Recorder Nigel Grundy, told Barr: “It was a nasty and vicious attack in public in front of children. The fact you were encouraged by your partner to confront Mr McNamara is no excuse.

“You bit off part of his ear leaving him scarred for life and it is something he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

“It seems to be all too prevalent now that men of violence, as you are, see fit to mark with violence by seeking to scar their victims,” he added.

Barr and 35-year-old McCormick, of City Road, Kitt Green, both admitted offences of assault causing actual bodily harm. Barr also admitted wounding and possessing an offensive weapon and McNamara also pleaded guilty to common assault.

Graham Pickavance, prosecuting, said that the offences occurred on February 2 this year when McCormick was outside their home arguing with the mother of Mr McNamara’s son about an earlier incident.

She goaded Mr McNamara to hit her but he carried on walking and she followed him and slapped him to the side of the face. She raised her hand to hit him again so he struck her to keep her at bay and walked off.

She threatened to set her partner on him and Barr came out of the house with a brick in his hand and in nearby Saddleback Road threw the brick at him. Mr McNamara ducked and the brick struck a nine-year-old boy standing behind him in the face, causing swelling to the inside of his mouth and an abrasion to his lip.

Barr and Mr McNamara began to struggle and McCormick joined in trying to hit Mr McNamara.

Barr picked up the brick again and threw it at him causing a glancing blow to his nose.

While McCormick was punching him Barr wrapped his arms around him and when the victim pushed him off Barr had a piece of his right ear, measuring three centimetres by one and a half centimetres, in his mouth and spat it out.

The victim managed to get to a nearby police station and asked for the police and ambulance to be summoned, said Mr Pickavance.

The court heard that both defendants have previous convictions including violence.

Guy Mathieson, defending, said that he had gone out after his daughter came in saying his partner was being attacked.

“He got involved because of loyalty to his family and did it without questioning and over-reacted. The couple are planning a fresh start after the baby is born,” he said.

He had not realised that the brick had hit the boy, added Mr Mathieson.

Defence barrister Steven Swift said that McCormick realised it was a serious matter and her actions had been the spark to what followed.

“It was an impulsive lack of control and she failed to appreciate the impact her action would have.”