Jailed for knifing good Samaritan

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Crime news

A GOOD Samaritan neighbour nearly died after he was stabbed in the side and the blade left inside in his body, a court was told.

His drug addict attacker denied knifing him – but was quickly caught out when police found the handle for the weapon hidden under a rug at his home. Tragically, although the victim, David Worgan, who suffered a punctured lung, is recovering physically he missed his wife’s funeral as he was still in hospital following surgery for his wounds.

The eight-centimetre long blade came within a centimetre of his heart and but for emergency surgery he would have died.

Sentencing Nicholas Kanakis, who hails from Greece, to nine years imprisonment, Judge Stephen Everett said although he has no previous convictions he is regarded by the probation service as posing “a high risk of harm”.

“A long prison sentence will deal with your risk and take you of the community for many years and you will then be on licence,” he said.

Judge Everett told Kanakis, 28, who showed no emotion as he was led away, “I don’t believe you are terribly remorseful.

“You stabbed this man in front of his home in the day time in front of least one other person for all to see.

“Maybe Mr Worgan will physically recover however psychologically he will have to live with the trauma of this for the rest of his life.”

The court heard that he now wants to move away from the area.

He told Kanakis, who had tried to pretend he had only had keys in his hand during the incident: “Unfortunately for you the blade was in your victim’s body and the handle was found in your home, which created overwhelming evidence.”

He said that at the time he had been under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Leanne Birkett, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that the incident happened on July 12 when Mr Worgan, whose wife had died a week earlier after he had nursed her through cancer, was outside his home in Upper Dicconson Street, Wigan.

He was helping a neighbour fix the engine of a motor boat so that the neighbour could take some scouts to Abersoch.

Kanakis, who lived in a flat opposite, took offence at the noise and began banging on his window, shouting and swearing, said Miss Birkett.

He came outside, still shouting and swearing, and walked towards them threatening, “I’m going to smash your head in”.

“He swung his arm in a rounded motion towards Mr Worgan’s left hand side near his rib cage. He felt a sharp intense pain and thought his ribs had been cracked. His neighbour said, ‘you’ve been stabbed’ and there was blood everywhere.”

Kanakis went back to his flat and meanwhile the emergency services were called. Kanakis came back out clutching a bunch of keys and when the neighbour said he had stabbed Mr Worgan he claimed he had just had the keys in his hand.

At hospital the blade was found lodged inside the victim’s body and meanwhile police found the handle hidden at his attacker’s home, said Miss Birkett.

The court heard that Kanakis has police cautions for criminal damage and possessing Class C drugs.

Martyn Walsh, defending, said that Kanakis, who pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, lacked maturity and this had been an isolated incident.