Jealous soldier attacked partner

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A COURT heard how a soldier attacked his partner in a jealous rage.

Richard McCormick and his victim, Kerry Major had spent the evening separately drinking with friends before the attack in the early hours of December 16.

She came back to her flat in Pemberton and found him asleep and woke him. He grabbed her mobile phone and became jealous when he saw a text message from a male friend of hers.

He grabbed her round the throat and pushed her against the bedroom wall squeezing her throat.

She ended up on the floor with him having his foot on her neck, said Harry Pepper, prosecuting.

He was threatening to kill her and she next recalls being on the bed with blood pouring down her face from a cut.

McCormick’s attitude then changed and he helped her shower but afterwards she ran back to her nearby mother’s home and was taken by ambulance to hospital.

She needed a stitch to a cut and steri-strips to other injuries and was found to have bruising to her neck.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that 30-year-old McCormick, of Deva Close, Norley, has a previous conviction for common assault on the same victim and damaging her mobile phone.

The judge was told that McCormick, a soldier with the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment, who has served tours of duty in Afghanistan and Cyprus, would be dishonourably discharged from the Army if he received a jail sentence.

Paul Treble, defending, said that if he received a community sentence he would receive a medical discharge and receive medical treatment, financing and courses from the Army.

He had been drinking too much and now realises that he had been affected by combat situations more than he had appreciated and needs help from a psychiatrist.

The relationship with Ms Major is now over though she has written letters to him demonstrating an element of forgiveness, he said.

Imposing a 15-month supervision order with attendance on a domestic violence course, Judge David Aubrey, QC, said that he had been drinking and became jealous. “You have anger management issues. What you must realise is that you have to control that anger. You have to be respectful to all and in particular respectful to women.”

He added that to his credit while on remand in prison has been taking various courses.”

McCormick had admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.