Jobs threat at wire giant sparks anger

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News story

A LONG established Wigan firm may be forced to shed scores of jobs to get back into the black.

Workers at the large Siemens Electrium (formerly Volex Wiring) have been told that the bosses are considering just where the axe should now fall between the Hindley Green site and its sister Wythenshawe works. They are formally consulting with unions.

More than 90 jobs are now under threat at the electrical wiring and switches giant’s two Greater Manchester bases.

Currently 160 people are employed at the former Volex factory site, now Siemens’ centre for warehousing and logistics.

The firm also confirmed that it will make a “significant” investment in new storage and operational equipment at Hindley Green over the next two years to improve productivity and make better use of the existing space it has in Leigh Road.

Siemens said it will be funding extensive new tooling equipment for new wiring accessory and residential circuit protection product ranges as part of the package.

A shocked worker who asked for anonymity said that many staff felt let down by the announcement.

She said: “They have said that a further 90 jobs are going here at Hindley Green but this comes after the company said there wouldn’t be anymore redundancies like there were over two years ago.

“But they have now gone against their word so how can we believe them?

“We believe the company wants to bring in employees from Wythenshawe and get rid of local employees from the surrounding areas.”

Managing Director for electrical equipment manufacturer Electrium Sales Limited Paul Fisher said that the company had presented the proposals to staff to return the company to “long-term profitability and sustainable growth.”

Tough market conditions meant that it had been running at a loss for the past four years, he insisted.

He said: “The business been experiencing tough market conditions and has been operating at a loss since 2010.

“There are encouraging signs that the economy is slowly picking up which will eventually have a positive impact on sales.

“We plan to invest significantly in new equipment and facilities at both sites in Hindley Green and Wythenshawe.

“However, coupled with this investment, we propose to resize the business to reflect our decline in sales and decision to withdraw from unprofitable business segments.

“We deeply regret the potential impact on our employees and providing a robust support

system to those affected is our top priority.”