Junction danger fears

View of the yellow box junction at Shelley Drive, Orrell
View of the yellow box junction at Shelley Drive, Orrell
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A CAMPAIGN has been launched for road safety improvements near a busy motorway junction, amid fears of a major collision.

Coun Paul Prescott is working with the council to ease congestion around Shelley Drive, off Orrell Road, near junction 26, amid claims vehicles are staying on the yellow box junction, blocking access to the residential street.

He believes it could result in a serious accident and wants better safety measures.

He said: “Residents find exiting Shelley Drive busy at peak times. Around three years ago I saw the aftermath of an accident as a woman turned right and was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

“So I lobbied the highways to get a yellow box junction. But as there is a lot of out-of-town traffic going towards the motorway, it backs up to the box junction. Drivers try to squeeze in and reduce the margin for people to leave Shelley Drive.

“Residents of Shelley Drive will have to negotiate two lanes of traffic on the right and edge out on good faith, hoping there is no traffic coming from the left Orrell side towards Pemberton.

“I am also anticipating problems with the former Abraham Guest site, in Orrell Road, as at some point it will be developed on and cause more traffic issues.

“I have called for a site visit to address the problems before they are exacerbated further. I am very concerned about road safety - there have been a couple of minor shunts where people come into contact with each other and there’s the potential for a very serious accident to take place.”

Mark Tilley, Wigan Council assistant director of infrastructure, said: “We have attended a site meeting with Coun Prescott, following concerns raised by residents of Shelley Drive (or the roads leading from it) with right turning traffic. The difficulties occur when turning right into Shelley Drive as, during busy periods, the centre ahead lane is held by the red light, but the nearside left turn (to M6/M58) lane is permitted to run.

“Relatively speaking the junction has a good safety record with only one recorded accident. We discussed a number of engineering solutions with Coun Prescott and will be providing him with details of these options, including the advantages and disadvantages of each.

“Coun Prescott will then be able to inform the residents of these options.”