Justin Bieber’s sulk strikes the wrong chord

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
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A Wigan mum has branded a pop idol an “arrogant, spoiled brat”.

Canadian heart throb Justin Bieber stunned thousands of fans at the Manchester Arena by walking off stage mid concert in a hissy-fit huff ... because adoring teenager girl fans were screaming in excitement at him.

Bieber, 22, returned 10 minutes later following pleas by theatre management for his adoring hordes of fans to calm down sufficiently to be able hear his songs.

But by that time, the unexpected break in the evening had caused upset among the youngsters now feeling guilty for upsetting their hero - but genuine anger among the many hundreds of mums and dads accompanying them.

One single parent mum from Orrell had saved long and hard to treat her 12 year old daughter to the much-awaited gig for her birthday.

She paid out more than £70 per ticket for the seats for the latest gig in his Purpose World Tour.

The mum had also treated her daughter to an expensive Bieber tour tee-shirt inside the auditorium before the singer took to the stage.

But she admitted later, following the shock Bieber protest: “I thought about throwing it straight in the bin.”

Bieber had asked fans to be quiet while he sang a particular ballad.

However, his pleas were met with increased volleys of excited screaming as imploring young fans yelled out the titles of their favourite songs.

But when that failed to illicit sufficient hushed reverence, he said: “I’m trying to engage, but if you guys don’t want to, just play the music.”

Bieber then slammed down his microphone and strutted indignantly off the stage.

The outburst was similar to one delivered to stunned young fans at Birmingham Barclaycard Arena earlier in the sold-out tour when he called the incessant screaming of concert goers as “obnoxious.”

The mum, who asked not to be named, said: “I’m a single parent and we were there as part of a family group of six.

“None of us have money to burn unlike Justin Bieber and perhaps he should think a bit more about the sacrifices that parents have made to bring their children to see him before he decided to act like that.

“I think the way he treated the fans was awful, really arrogant.

“Quite a way through, with the fans going hysterical, which you would expect, he started complaining to the audience between songs, asking for them not to scream.

“Then he flung the microphone down and ran off stage.

“We couldn’t believe he was acting like such a spoiled brat.”