Keith’s appeal to dog owner

Keith Dootson and his dog Rufus
Keith Dootson and his dog Rufus
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A WIGAN man is appealing to the owner of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that savaged his pet dog to get the animal under control before it hurts a child.

Keith Dootson’s Jack Russell cross, Rufus, was attacked while on his way home from a walk with his owner last Monday evening leaving him with extensive injuries all over his back and neck.

Since the attack the seven-year-old pet has been in and out of the vets leaving the 70-year-old with an £800 bill.

Mr Dootson, of Scot Lane, Aspull, said: “We were yards from home when the dog came running across the road.

“I didn’t think anything of it at first because Staffies are usually lovely dogs and I just thought it was being friendly.

“I always carry biscuits with me so I put my hand in my pocket to get it one, but it just dove on Rufus.”

When they heard the commotion a number of Mr Dootson’s neighbours came out to help, but they could not get the dog off Rufus.

Workmen also rushed over with planks of wood and hit the dog, which was on its own, but were unable to free the tiny pet for about five minutes.

Mr Dootson says that another dog which lives on a road off Scot Lane was attacked by the same animal that day.

He said: “This has left us really shaken and neighbours have said they’re scared to take their pets or let their children play out until the dog’s caught.

“I am not asking for the dog to be put down, I just want the owner to get it under control because next time it could be a child that’s hurt and the outcome would be much worse.

“I have been a dog owner all of my life and I have never known such a vicious attack.

“I just want this to stop before it happens again,”