Kidnap suspect is still avoiding police contact

Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans

The prime suspect wanted by police in connection with the kidnapping of a Wigan couple is still managing to evade officers.

Andrew Evans, from Golborne, is being traced by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) after Ron and Margaret Roberts were threatened in their Lowton home with a pistol and a knife.

The offender drove them to a cash machine to withdraw £300 and then took the couple home before fleeing, wrecking their vehicle in a crash on the East Lancs Road.

Police have now been searching for 26-year-old Evans, of Heath Street, in connection with the incident for around a week.

Evans initially appeared on the Facebook pages of Wigan Today and GMP after an appeal for him was circulated, denying any involvement in the case and saying he was taking legal advice.

However, in recent days his online activity appears to have quietened down.

Police confirmed yesterday that Evans was still at large and they were still looking for him.

GMP has also warned that concealing information from the police about a wanted person is a criminal offence.

Anyone with information about the incident or Evans’ whereabouts should ring 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.