Killed by hit and run car

Daisy the dog
Daisy the dog

A WIGAN family today issued a heartfelt appeal for witnesses after a hit-and-run driver killed their beloved pet dog.

Daisy, described as a bubbly and loving Airedale terrier, died hours after being struck by a driver who mounted the pavement.

Janet Cardwell and 15-year-old son Thomas Scarborough were walking the two-year-old dog just after 10pm on Wednesday, July 5 when the tragic incident happened on Castle Hill Road, Hindley.

Ms Cardwell said: “We had pretty much finished walking her when it happened. We had just gone on the big field next to the road and as we got onto the road, I went to put her lead on and that’s when it happened.

“This car just came speeding round the corner and it seemed to lose control before mounting the kerb and hitting Daisy.

“We took her to Pet Medics, the emergency vets in Salford. She had sustained a broken spine and two broken legs.”

Just hours after the driver had struck and scarpered, Daisy passed away.

Unfortunately, neither Ms Cardwell or Thomas were able to get a clear look at the driver as they rushed straight to Daisy’s side.

But they believed the car to be a black Volkswagen Golf.

The driver didn’t even stop to check on the dog’s health, speeding off along Castle Hill Road in the direction of Westhoughton.

It has left the family, including daughter Amy Lunn, absolutely devastated, particularly Thomas, who was given the dog as a birthday present two years ago.

Ms Cardwell added: “I just can’t believe anybody would just drive off.

“If I had my car with me I would have gone for them but my only thought at the time was my dog.

“It has left us devastated, especially Tom – he is absolutely gutted.

“She was a really lovely dog who will be missed by us all, I just hope someone has seen this person and can help us out.”

Such was the rush to get Daisy into surgery, Ms Cardwell was only able to contact the police on Thursday and they have confirmed they are looking into the incident.

Inquiries are ongoing. Anybody with any information is urged to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.