Killer back on streets

Drew McGrail
Drew McGrail

THE killer of a Wigan teenager who drowned in a pit is back on the streets - after serving little more than three years behind bars.

The mother of Dylan Aaron today said she was angry and devastated that Drew McGrail, who was convicted of manslaughter and given a seven-year jail term, is now at large in the community and able to enjoy his Christmas.

Dylan, a 17-year-old from Hindley, was thrown into the town’s Deep Pit fishing pond during a confrontation 
between several men in the early hours of May 30, 2010.

McGrail, 28, of Lancaster Road, Hindley, was charged, along with his brother David, with Dylan’s murder.

Both brothers were found not guilty of murder and David McGrail, who was also acquitted of assaulting another man, walked free.

But Drew McGrail, who pushed his victim into the water, and ordered witnesses not to let the former Hindley High School pupil out of the freezing water, was found guilty of the alternative charge of manslaughter.

Dylan’s mum, Gaynor Worthington, 41, said: “The Parole Board told us that McGrail was due to be released on December 1, but then we got a phone call on November 29 saying he had been let out as it could not be done on a Sunday.

“It was bad enough anyway, without being set free even earlier.

“It was like a bolt out of the blue.

“It is just so gut-wrenching to know that he has only served three and a half years and it is so close to Christmas.

“We now just have to live with it, knowing he is walking free and Dylan is where he is.

“That’s what makes it worse – we can’t have Dylan home for Christmas but McGrail will be out, enjoying time with his family.

“It is like someone has slapped me across the face and there is nothing we can do.

“When we were told he was only going to serve half his sentence, we asked if we could appeal and we were told ‘no.’

“It is just awful. Dylan’s dad Sean and I, who had been together more than 20 years, split up and it has ripped the family apart.

“My other children are keeping me going as they give me something to get up for,

“But it is hard for them, Dylan’s 14-year-old brother knows what is going on and he is terrified and asked me if McGrail was going to come after him. It is such a shame.”