Killer ‘hated’ victim

Will Cornick - the teenager who murdered Ann Maguire
Will Cornick - the teenager who murdered Ann Maguire
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THE teenager who killed Ann Maguire was a loner and high-achieving student who gave no clue to the adults around him that he was capable of murder.

Will Cornick, who is 16 now but was 15 when he fatally stabbed his teacher, was taking GCSEs at Corpus Christ RC College in Leeds but had already passed five exams a year early.

At the time of the murder, he had never been convicted of a criminal offence and his school reports were positive. A judge heard that adults had no reason to foresee the violence he was capable of but the court was also told that he confided in children about his deep hatred of Mrs Maguire and his desire to kill her and other teachers at the school.

The judge accepted the boy’s mother and father were “decent people and responsible parents” who are still “at a loss to understand how and why their son has turned out as he has”.

Prosecutor Paul Greaney said there were only five incidents of misbehaviour involving Cornick in all the time he was at the school. Three occurred about two months before the killing and related to his “imagined problems” with Mrs Maguire.

One girl said that “Mrs Maguire had treated the defendant as she treated everyone else but Will still disliked her”.

Last Christmas - four months before the murder - he messaged a friend on Facebook talking of the “brutal killing” of his teacher.

In February this year Mrs Maguire banned Cornick from going on a school trip for failing to do his homework but he went anyway. At a subsequent disciplinary meeting, he walked out and was disrespectful, the court heard. His parents were called in and, according to Cornick’s father, he made plain “that he hated Mrs Maguire”.