Killer sharks caught

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FISHERMEN in the Seychelles believe they may have caught the sharks that killed Wigan honeymooner Ian Redmond.

Two tiger sharks were reeled in by locals over the weekend that are said to be around the right size to have killed the IT consultant.

Mr Redmond, who married sweetheart Gemma Houghton, 27, at St Michael’s Church, Dalton, only earlier this month, was fatally injured in an attack while snorkelling at Anse Lazio beach in Praslin days before the end of their holiday.

Gemma later told how she was powerless to help after hearing her husband’s screams from the beach.

The 30-year-old’s funeral is due to take place at St Michael’s tomorrow.

Investigators removed a shark’s tooth from the body of the British tourist, who died on the island of Praslin, so are in a good position to identify the fish responsible.

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