Knifeman blinded pregnant girlfriend

Shady Mawad
Shady Mawad

A JEALOUS lover, who stabbed his best friend and pregnant girlfriend after wrongly suspecting they had been having a relationship, was today behind bars.

A court heard that Shady Mawad’s partner, Christina Treanor, has been left blind in her left eye after she was injured when she intervened to help the other victim.

But despite her severe injury she still loves him, though cannot forgive him for the loss of her sight in one eye and the other victim, Sarhan Ammar, has also forgiven him, said Graham Pickavance, prosecuting.

Mawad, 30, attacked them at his home in Chapel Street, Pemberton on the evening of September 16 last year while under the influence of cocaine and both victims want him to get help.

Mawad, a British citizen originally from Palestine, had pleaded guilty to two offences of wounding.

Jailing him for 33 months, Judge Denis Watson QC said that having taken cocaine his paranoia had overtaken him.

Graham Pickavance, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that Mawad rang Mr Ammar and asked him to come to his home in Chapel Street. He went round and Mawad took him to the utility room, where Ms Treanor was, and bolted the door.

“She was upset and crying and screaming to the defendant that she loved him. He grabbed her by the arm and she said, ‘you are hurting me’.

“Mr Ammar told the defendant to let go of her and the defendant asked if she had been sleeping with Mr Ammar. Mr Ammar pulled his arm away and the defendant then pulled his right hand from behind his back and he had a six inch knife in his hand,” said Mr Pickavance.

“He started to lunge at Mr Ammar with the knife and he felt pain and saw blood and saw it sticking into his shoulder.”

He tried to get the knife but felt the blade hit his hands. He managed to grab it and threw it on the floor. Mawad then tried to attack him with a baseball bat but Mr Ammar grabbed it but was then stabbed his shoulder with a screwdriver.

Mr Ammar got it off him, managed to unbolt the door and got Mawad into the yard. During the violence Ms Treanor intervened and suffered the devastating eye injury caused by a two and a half-inch cut.

She rang the police and Mawad ran off and Mr Ammar went back to his nearby shop, He was then taken to hospital where it was found he had been stabbed to the face, chest and shoulder and his left lung had collapsed.

Ms Treanor was taken to Wigan Hospital but because of the severity of her injury was taken to Manchester Eye Hospital for treatment. Meanwhile Mawad had gone back to the house where he was arrested by police who had to first stun him with a Taser, said Mr Pickavance.

Police found cocaine on his kitchen table and also recovered the weapons. Ms Treanor, who is due to give birth in seven weeks, refused to co-operate with police but in a statement told how she still loves Mawad.

The court heard that Ms Treanor, who has children from a previous relationship, may need another operation on her eye.

Steven Swift, defending, said that Mr Ammar, who had been friends with Mawad for six years, has also forgiven him and they are both supporting him and want him to get psychological help.

He added that Mawad, who has no previous convictions, was remorseful and would never forgive himself for his behaviour.