Landfill row causes an awful stink

Councillors Gareth and George Fairhurst oppose the proposed landfill site in Stars Brow, Preston Road, Standish
Councillors Gareth and George Fairhurst oppose the proposed landfill site in Stars Brow, Preston Road, Standish

TWO Wigan councillors are planning to block a proposed landfill site in their ward.

Standish Independent members George and Gareth Fairhurst are outraged that land behind The Olive Garden restaurant, in Stars Brow, off Preston Road, could be turned into an area to store building and demolition waste.

Steven Abbott Associates has applied to Wigan Council on behalf of mining and quarry firm S A Storey Ltd for planning permission to return 8.8 hectares of open land to its original use as a landfill site.

But the father and son are concerned about the amount of traffic and the impact it will have on the environment,

Coun Gareth Fairhurst said: “We feel this is ludicrous. I know that it used to be a landfill site, but I am worried about the disruption it will cause.

“If it gets the go-ahead then it would mean more than 300 lorries each week day for three years.

“The site will be 11 hours in operation a day and have at least 31 lorries an hour, causing a lot of congestion.

“Plus there are environmental factors to consider.”

Coun George Fairhurst added: “Our roads are congested enough and with hundreds of lorries coming through the village too, should this scheme get the go ahead.

“This is madness. Also the smell could be an issue for the village too. Both Gareth and I have serious concerns about this scheme.”

They now plan to lodge their concerns with council officials.

But Richard Percy, partner with Steve Abbotts Associates, insists that there will be very little traffic disruption and that the firm is merely returning the land back to its former state as a landfill site.

He said: “The land was used for sand extraction and landfill in the past, but the landfill was never completed by its previous owners.

“This is being finished to satisfy the requirements of the Environment Agency.

“We are also improving and increasing the amount of public rights of way and so there are significant benefits to the scheme.

“We did consult with residents and businesses twice and the vast majority were in support of it.

“There were some concerns about the wildlife and number of vehicle movements, but we have satisfied all of those.

“We would have 31 vehicles in any day, amounting to only six an hour.”

The plan was submitted to council officials last week.