Landlord’s ear was bitten off in attack

Crime story - below: Martin Edwards before the attack
Crime story - below: Martin Edwards before the attack

A WIGAN pub landlord has told a jury how a customer bit off a chunk of his right ear while being ejected from the premises.

Martin Edwards said that the early morning attack took place after he had found Nathan Hughes and another man in the beer garden apparently with cocaine and he told them to leave.

Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards

Hughes began swearing and being aggressive and Mr Edwards said he would get the doorman. The other man left but Hughes “was in my face effing and blinding and said, ‘do you know who my dad is?’ and I’Il get my family round,’” said Mr Edwards.

The doorman Bill Helsby came over and began escorting Hughes off the premises, the Fox and Goose in Wigan Lane, Wigan.

Mr Edwards told the jury at Liverpool Crown Court that when they went through the double doors leading into the front porch he had his arms held out to his sides but Hughes turned round.

“He put his arms around my neck and bit my ear. I pushed him off and put my hand to my ear and blood was pouring down the side of my head. He was sneering and spat it out on the floor.

“He smiled as if to say ‘look at what I have done.’ I punched him and kicked him.”

The police arrived and Mr Edwards was taken to Wigan hospital but then transferred to Whiston Hospital but they were unable to re-attach the piece of ear.

Hughes, 25, of Warrington Road, Ince, admits inflicting grievous bodily harm on March 16 but denies a more serious offence of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He told the jury, “I shouldn’t have turned round and bit his ear.”

Questioned by Phil Astbury, prosecuting, about why he bit him he said, “He had hold of me so I turned round and bit him.

“He was pushing me and had his arms around me and slammed me against the wall.

“I did not decide to bite his ear, on the spur of the moment I snapped.

“I really didn’t mean to bite it off. I bit it to get him off me.”

He agreed it must have been a forceful bite to take a “chunk of his ear clean off”.

Hughes told the jury: “I’m very sorry and disgusted at what I have done.”