Lane blighted by fly-tippers

Rubbish fly tipped along Drummer's Lane in Bryn
Rubbish fly tipped along Drummer's Lane in Bryn

A COUNCILLOR has blasted fly-tippers who have turned a country lane into an eyesore by dumping huge quantities of rubbish along it.

Coun Nathan Murray for Bryn ward hit out after objects including broken children’s toys, plasterboard and breeze blocks were thrown into the verges along Drummer’s Lane.

Nathan Murray

Nathan Murray

Coun Murray and colleague Coun Ann Rampling recently visited the rural road and were appalled at the amount of waste which had been carelessly abandoned there.

Wigan Council has now promised to clean it up but Coun Murray has strongly criticised those responsible for the fly-tipping and urged residents to report any future incidents.

Coun Murray, 20, said: “It’s an ongoing problem at this spot and it seems to be coming back again.

“There was a mix of industrial, commercial and household rubbish tipped there and we were furious when we saw how much there was.

“There’s just no excuse for it. It’s a rural lane and the rubbish is ruining it for the neighbours and for those who want to take their dogs up there or just go for a quiet walk.

“We want those responsible to feel the full force of the law and we are also asking residents to keep an eye out and report any suspicious activity.

“We looked through the rubbish and there were no documents or anything that could identify the people responsible so it’s obviously a concerted effort to keep themselves hidden.”

Coun Murray said some of the waste had even been left partly on the road, creating a potential obstruction hazard for vehicles.

The Council also condemned the activities of fly tippers and says anyone caught abandoning waste will face action.

The town hall’s director for environment Terry Dunn said: “Anyone thinking of flytipping should remember that not only is it illegal but it also creates an eyesore for communities.

“Wherever someone does leave rubbish illegally we will seek to prosecute any offenders as we take a dim view of anyone wanting to spoil our borough in such a way.

“In this case we are aware of the rubbish being left and will organise a clean-up of the waste left on Drummer’s Lane.”

Research suggests cleaning up fly-tipped rubbish costs local authorities across the country tens of millions of pounds each year.

Incidents of fly tipping can be reported by calling police on the non-emergency number 101 or by using the council’s Report It app.