Lapdance club planned for former night club

Surfers Paradise on King Street
Surfers Paradise on King Street

KING Street could become home to a new lap dancing bar, it has been revealed.

The former Surfers Paradise nightclub, which closed last Sunday week, has recently been purchased by an unknown firm with plans to turn it into a “gentlemen’s club.”

Wigan Council has revealed that inquiries have been made about acquiring the licence that would make this possible and they now expect an application to be made.

For years now, the site has been home to one of King Street’s most popular nightclubs. It used to be part of the Australian Walkabout chain from 1999 with the Surfers Bar located downstairs.

Both names welcomed thousands of party-goers every weekend with revellers often queuing right up the street. Walkabout eventually left the premises and the club simply became known as Surfers Paradise. Now though, it will take a different tone.

Alan Blundell, assistant director for Wigan Council’s regulation services said: “Licensing officers have recently received an inquiry from an operator proposing to provide lap dancing entertainment from premises located in King Street, Wigan. It is anticipated that in the near future, an application will be made for a sexual entertainment venue licence for these premises.

“Such application process will involve consultation with the police and various other agencies. Members of the public will also be given the opportunity to submit their observations on the application which will be referred to the council’s Regulation Committee for determination.

“In making its decision on the application, the committee will have regard for the council’s Sex Establishment Licensing policy established in 2011, and also any representations that mcday be made in response to the consultation process.”