Latics fan’s head cut by thrown coin

Glenn Spencer who was hit by a coin at the Wigan v QPR game
Glenn Spencer who was hit by a coin at the Wigan v QPR game

A LATICS fan has told how he was injured by missile-throwing yobs.

Dad-of-two Glenn Spencer felt a sharp pain and then a spurt of blood running down his scalp immediately after the final whistle at the play-off match against QPR on Monday evening.

He then realised he had been hit by a coin or possible bolt hurled by one of a group of QPR fans who ran onto the pitch apparently intent on confronting the hundreds of Wigan followers at the end of the semi-final at Loftus Road.

Because the Latics fans were gathered on an upper tier and out of punching range, the hooligan minority hurled whatever they could pick up into the terracing instead.

Glenn, 37, an office worker, is usually a West Ham fan, but went along to the Rangers’ ground to support Latics at the invitation of a Wigan-supporting workmate from Canary Wharf.

He insisted that the “truly shocking” level of aggression shown by some of the Rangers fans towards Latics supporters was far worse than anything he has ever witnessed at the Upton Park home of the Hammers.

The teenage yob who hurled the object which struck Mr Spencer was arrested at the scene.

However, after talks with the Metropolitan Police, he has now decided against pressing charges in the hope that the experience of being detained will stop the Rangers fan repeating his behaviour.

Glenn said: “I remember standing there in amazement at some of the scenes below that were going on on the pitch after the final whistle when I felt a sharp pain on my scalp and then blood trickling down.

“A good portion of them, instead of celebrating the win, chose to act very angrily towards the Wigan fans.

“A couple of minutes before I got hit I saw someone chuck a pretty full bottle of water into the stand.

“There was a four year old girl sat in front of me ... if she had been hit she could have been really hurt.

“The animosity that the QPR fans had towards the Wigan fans, I just don’t get why.”

A spokesman for QPR said: “A line of stewards were present on the pitch to prevent home fans from going towards the travelling supporters located in the Upper Tier.

“We are not aware of any incidents of objects being thrown at the Upper Tier and have not received any complaints regarding this.

“The Football League’s Operations and Security Advisor was in attendance at the match and has made no comment.”

A Queens Park Rangers fan website posting warned that foul, abusive, violent language and behaviour committed by a small number of people who attend the home areas “was spoiling our real fans’ enjoyment” and young fans were now “not always so keen on coming back.”

The poster warned: “We need our real fans, not hooligans, to support our team.”