Latics fans are urged to log on to social media

WIGAN Athletic fans have been urged to show their support using the latest internet technology in an effort to boost the club’s popularity online.

Latics are ranked BOTTOM in a list of Premier League clubs according to their status on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter., an online analytical tool which measures a football club’s fame level based on their support online, shows Wigan are ranked lowest of top flight teams, sitting in 19th place with fewer than 3,500 Facebook fans.

Manchester United are the most popular Premier League club, with more than 18 million Facebook followers. Bolton Wanderers do not have a Facebook fans page and were subsequently not included in the list.

Latics today said the club embraces social media and can now communicate with fans more efficiently than ever.

Ed Jones, Head of Media at Wigan Athletic, said: “The club has official Facebook and Twitter sites and we embrace all forms of social media, including text messaging and via the website.

“We communicate with our fanbase better and more efficiently than at any point in our history, and the feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive. But we have a smaller supporter base than other clubs, ergo we have fewer followers on these sites.

“Some of our players do have Twitter sites, but this is an individual’s choice and they need to operate these according to guidelines set out by the club.”

Famecount’s analysis demonstrates the growing importance of social media websites in closing the perceived gap between fans, top-level athletes and professional teams. The website assesses the number of likes, follows or views on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as taking into consideration “fan engagement” by using a complicated weighting system.