Latics payout less than initial offer

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News story

WIGAN Athletic have hit back after a High Court ruling they must pay £28,000 to a national firm over the supply of tickets for the 2013 FA Cup semi-final against Millwall.

Ticket2Final claimed the club had breached an agreement to provide “sufficient tickets” for the match at Wembley against the Lions in April 2013.

Latics won the game 2-0 and then went on to face Manchester City in the final and the rest, as they say, is history.

The club have labelled the firm’s tactics to go through the courts as opposed to settling outside as “aggressive”.

It is also an approach that worked against Ticket2Final as the amount of money Latics were ordered to pay was actually less than what they offered before the hearing.

The judge ruled in favour of the ticketing company, who had claimed damages for misrepresentation and breach of contract, after a High Court trial in London.

Deputy High Court Judge John Baldwin indicated that a damages award would be finalised later – and said it would be ‘tens of thousands of pounds.’ Wigan had disputed Ticket2Final’s claim, saying its representation to the firm was not “false”.

Judge Baldwin said Ticket2Final offered fans the chance to buy tickets to potential future sports events and had become involved with Wigan in 2011.

“As far as the FA Cup was concerned, Ticket2Final may have been a little optimistic, since Wigan’s success in that tournament had been poor for very many years,” said the judge, in a written ruling.

“The 2011/2012 FA Cup campaign was not a successful one for Wigan. It drew lowly Swindon Town in the third round ... and Wigan lost.”

Following the hearing, a club spokesman said: “We reached a marketing and ticketing agreement with the ticket company two years before we reached the FA Cup final.

“We offered to settle but they chose to aggressively chase a huge claim against us.

“In the end the £28,000 award was substantially less than our settlement offer.”