Lee bids to set up cancer aid group

Lee Edwards, from Barnsley Street in Wigan, pictured with his daughters Samantha, eight, and Sarah, 10
Lee Edwards, from Barnsley Street in Wigan, pictured with his daughters Samantha, eight, and Sarah, 10

A WIGAN man whose mum has developed terminal brain cancer is hoping to set up a support group for sufferers in the borough.

Lee Edwards is already a local volunteer for the Brain Tumour Charity but now plans to run a regular meeting point for patients.

His mum, Pauline, 57, a former assistant manager at Scope in Wigan, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme grade 4 tumour - the most aggressive form - in November and Lee has seen her health deteriorate at a rapid rate.

The 31-year-old from Barnsley Street said: “We noticed her moods were changing but we thought it was just stress.

“She also had arthritis in her knees and she almost fell down the stairs.

“Doctors first thought she had a mini stroke, but after she was sent to hospital and had a scan, we found out it was a tumour.

“We were all so shocked. She had major brain surgery and we were not sure if she would survive.

“We were told that if the operation went well, we should expect her to survive no more than 12 months.

“Now she can’t move the left side of her body and she has to have braces on her leg, arm and shoulder and she can’t physically stand up.

“She has to live with my brother in Southport and she has four carers coming in every day.

“She gets confused and her moods change.

“Only five months ago she was active and running around everywhere. It is such a shock.”

The father-of-two now wants to use his experiences to support people with brain tumours and their families.

He said: “I help to raise awareness about the organisation because the condition does affect a lot of people, but it doesn’t get the same prominence.

“There are a lot of support groups around the North West, but none in Wigan.

“Things like this happen so rapidly and people go through a range of emotions and feel isolated.

“It is good to get other people’s experiences and be around other families who know what it is like.”

To find out more call Lee on 07585 223565, e-mail lee.edwards1982@yahoo.co.uk or follow him on twitter @leeedwards1982  

Alternatively, visit www.thebraintumourcharity.org or call on 0808 800 0004.