Let’s make it a turkey shoot

Zoe halliwell and her collection of Christmas hats.
Zoe halliwell and her collection of Christmas hats.

SHE may have a new found fame after being seen by millions across the world at the weekend but the only thing going to Zoe Halliwell’s head is her lucky hat.

The 48-year-old was shown on ESPN, Sky Sports and the BBC, as well as countless other channels across the globe wearing her now famous turkey hat during Wigan Athletic’s 1-1 draw with Chelsea on Saturday.

Twitter went into overdrive with people who found her hat hilarious, while commentators revelled in the amount of puns at their disposal.

Even singer Olly Murs tweeted: “Hahahaha the woman on MOTD with a turkey hat on... #theworstchristmashativeseen.”

Not to be deterred by the X Factor runner-up’s comments though, Zoe says she will don the hat again tonight, when she attends the Liverpool match, in the hope it brings the same luck it did to the side on Saturday.

“Well I don’t want to jinx them,” said the East Stand season ticket holder of seven years.

“The lads were great against Chelsea, so I think I’ll have to wear it again against Liverpool.

“I’ve had so many people contacting me about it. I first knew I’d been on television at half-time when my sister rang me.

“Then after that I was on everything like Match of the Day and I’m told Olly Murs tweeted about it too!”

The festive hat is just one of many owned by Zoe, who lives in Beech Hill.

She is somewhat of a hat collector, and has “one hat for every day of December” and this week took a selection into Hope School, where she is a teacher.

“I’ve been doing it for years now,” she added. “I have loads of hats, but the turkey one is probably the most unusual.

“I’ve had it for a few years. I think I bought it from Amazon, but you can get lots of other different types from Christmas shops.

“It brought the lads some luck anyway so I’ll have to wear it again.

“Normally I would wear something different, but I think on this occasion I’ll have to break tradition.”

Latics are live on Sky tonight, so keep an eye out as Wigan’s newest celebrity could well make a follow up appearance...