Life skill aid from broken old bikes

Shannon Myers, Leah Robinson and Rebecca Hixton get their bikes fixed up at The Meadows
Shannon Myers, Leah Robinson and Rebecca Hixton get their bikes fixed up at The Meadows
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YOUNGSTERS in Wigan got rid of their punctures as part of a new initiative to improve their life and work skills.

Young people from The Meadows youth facility, in Worsley Hall, dug out their old unused bikes to fix them up and learn some new skills in the process.

The project, which is funded by Wigan Council’s Positive Activities for Young People team, involves the team tackling jobs from repairing punctures to replacing pedals and bike seats at the Worsley Hall centre.

Youth worker Dave Headon, one of those helping to fix up the bikes, said: “A lot of young people are into bikes and BMXs.

“They all have them but once they are broken they seem to end up in the shed for years and they don’t touch them which is a waste of money and also means they are not out using them and improving their health and well-being.

“For one reason or another most of the young people don’t know how to fix them or even how to use a spanner.

“We teach them how to fix up their bikes and then teach them about the importance of getting outdoors to exercise.

“They get their bikes fixed but in the process they also learn valuable skills on how to look after their property and themselves.

“What these sessions ultimately do in the long term is gradually prepare young people for employment.

“They are gaining skills, getting involved and having one more thing to put on their CVs.

“These young people might be able to get a job or apprenticeship in bike mechanics.”

The youngsters then took part in Bikeability courses, run by Cycle Experience who work on behalf of Wigan Council.

The Meadows youth facility is managed by Wigan Council’s Youth Services and they are encouraging its use by the whole community, either for individuals or group use.

The centre can be hired from £10 per hour to £70 for an entire day and evening, including staffing and refreshments.

Contact Simon Gregory on 01942 486111 or email to request an electronic booking form.