Litter bug problem is ‘bad for business’

Litter problems
Litter problems

ENVIRONMENT officers have initiated a large clean-up effort after political figures accused the council of neglecting a borough business park.

The owner of Cricket Street Business Park, Robert Dunn, said fly-tipping on nearby roads was putting off firms moving there.

Mr Dunn contacted Mark Bradley, who stood for Ukip in both the parliamentary and local elections this year, who teamed up with party colleague Derek Wilkes and independent Coun Bob Brierley to start a clean-up operation.

Mr Bradley said: “It’s a dreadful sight that greets you on the approach to the business park, Mr Dunn said he had contacted the council on a number of occasions and nothing had been done.

“I may not have been successful in this year’s elections but Ukip remains committed to Wigan.”

The council has now organised its own litter pick.

Steve Cassie, Wigan Council’s assistant director for environmental services, said: “We thank Mr Dunn for raising his concerns and we have been out and litter picked the area. We do complete litter picks on a weekly basis on the adopted road and footways network in this area of town.

“If incidents of fly-tipping or large amounts of litter are reported to us on land outside our maintained areas this work is then scheduled in and is not part of our routine weekly cleansing work.”

And this month the local authority has launched a new “Report It” app so residents can report incidents of fly-tipping and graffiti.

Alison Mckenzie-Folan, director for transformation, said: “This new app is a great way to get involved in The Deal and for residents to let us know what needs tackling in our communities. So get online, download the app and get involved in The Deal.”