Little Lily’s a miracle baby

Lily Ellen Jones
Lily Ellen Jones
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A WIGAN couple have paid heartfelt thanks to hospital staff who helped save their baby daughter’s life.

Little Lily Ellen Jones entered the world on January 20 - seven weeks prematurely - and was immediately transferred to Wigan Infirmary’s neo-natal unit.

For parents Kieran Jones and Hayley Johnston, it was a frightening and stressful ordeal, not least because Hayley had previously suffered five miscarriages.

But while Lily is still in hospital, she is now doing well and her parents spoke this week about the wonderful care she has received.

Hayley said: “People are quick to jump on our NHS when it doesn’t go their way or they have a bad experience but you hardly read nowadays how outstanding they can be too.

“I went into labour seven weeks early and, as you can imagine, it was a very scary time for Kieran and me.

“However, the doctors and the midwives on the delivery suite were fantastic. They reassured us and explained everything to us every step of the way.”

Right from the moment Lily was transferred to the neo-natal unit, hospital staff were always keeping Hayley and Kieran up to date with everything that was going on.

The Hindley couple say they were treated like family members by the nurses and want the people of Wigan to know what a wonderful service they provide.

Hayley added: “Unless you are put in a position like us you would never know what amazing work is done by the people behind those closed doors.

“From the minute Lily was born they have treated her and us like their family; always warm and kind, nothing is ever too much for them.

“They talk you through everything and their care has been of the highest standard throughout.

“The infirmary has an outstanding delivery suite, maternity ward and neo-natal unit.

“The staff on all three units are amazing, but especially those on the neo-natal.”

Lily has three older half-siblings: Lewis, Olivia and Matthew who are hoping that it won’t be much longer before Lily is coming home.

Kieran said: “We’ve had to take each day as it comes but it is looking up now.

“If we ever need the staff for anything we aren’t made to feel like a burden at all, they will come and check her out and tell us how it is. You don’t feel like a number.

“When we first got told Hayley was pregnant, it was obviously a worrying time because we’ve had five miscarriages.

“We knew there was a good chance we could lose her. The staff here have been wonderful though and ensured that hasn’t happened.

“They’ve said she may now come out on her actual due date too.”