Local election: The results

The Wigan Election count
The Wigan Election count
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LABOUR maintained their control of Wigan in the local elections despite strong ground made by UKIP in the voting.

The majority party did lose two seats, one to the Conservatives as Edward Houlton claimed the Lowton East seat and the other to Standish as Debbie Fairhurst from the Standish Independents claimed victory ahead of the Conservatives.

Labour also won one seat from the Lib Dems, with Joanne Marshall winning there.

The biggest movement though was made by UKIP who, despite not winning any seats, enjoyed a 16 per cent share of the votes.

Full results:


Carl Sweeney (LAB) 1580

Janet Markland (UKIP) 760

Joseph Sheedy (CON) 180

Dennis Shambley (BNP) 134

Susan Brown (CAP) 101

Labour hold


Nigel Ash (LAB) 1144

John Littler (UKIP) 591

Peter Merry (IND) 403

Michael Moulding (CAP) 395

Marie Winstanley (CON) 170

Labour hold

Aspull New Springs Whelley

Ron Conway (LAB) 1581

Maureen McCoy (UKIP) 827

Janet Brown (ASI) 547

Jane Surples (CON) 393

Stuart Bolton (LU) 88

Labour hold

Astley Mosley Common

Barry Taylor (LAB) 1812

Nasri Barghothi (CON) 867

Labour hold


Pamela Stewart (LAB) 1152

Stuart Gerrard (WIN) 750

Denise Young (CON) 339

Stephen Hall (LU) 85

Labour hold


Karen Aldred (LAB) 1494

John Higson (WIN) 1106

Paul Fairhurst (CON) 374

Craig Wilson (LU) 129

Labour hold


Ann Rampling (LAB) 1190

Stephen Jones (UKIP) 724

Brian Merry (IND) 625

Catherine Aspey (CAP) 289

Susan Atherton (CON) 131

Labour hold


Shirley Dewhurst (LAB) 1502

Derek Wilkes (UKIP) 790

Margaret Atherton (CON) 210

Labour hold

Golborne Lowton West

Richard Barber (LAB) 1596

Abbey Aspey (CAP) 456

Kathleen Houlton (CON) 403



Jim Talbot (LAB) 1418

Brian Ellis (WIN) 913

Gerard Houlton (CON) 263

Ian Heyes (LU) 78

Labour hold

Hindley Green

Keir Stitt (LAB) 1145

John Vickers (IND) 908

Kieron Creegan (CAP) 325

Stephen Holt (CON) 231



James Moodie (LAB) 1397

Ross Wright (UKIP) 851

Ray Whittingham (CON) 133

Janet Phillips (LU) 79

Labour hold

Leigh East

Fred Walker (LAB) 1633

Ian Aspinall (CON) 671

Labour hold

Leigh South

Charles Rigby (LAB) 1955

Richard Short (CON) 1032

Labour hold

Leigh West

Peter Smith (LAB) 2005

Andrew Oxley (CON) 658

Labour hold

Lowton East

Edward Houlton (CON) 1603

Eleanor Blackburn (LAB) 1137

Sandra Atherton (UKIP) 589

Sophie Aspey (CAP) 144

Conservative gain from Labour


Dave Arrowsmith (LAB) 1102

Michael Winstanley (CON) 1031

Philip Easton (UKIP) 818

Norma Stout (GRN) 210

Labour hold


Paul Prescott (LAB) 1632

Alan Freeman (UKIP) 692

John Cartwright (CON) 195

Adele Andrews (LU) 85

Labour hold

Shevington with Lower Ground

Michael Crosby (LAB) 1050

Angie Bland (STANDISH IND) 797

Arnold Foster (UKIP) 797

Claire Houlton (CON) 353

Joseph Rylance (GRN) 156

Labour hold

Standish with Langtree

Debbie Fairhurst (STANDISH IND) 1543

David Ollerton (CON) 701

Debbie Parkinson (LAB) 646

Joanne Bradley (UKIP) 590

Emma McGurrin (WRL) 63

Sharon Holden (TUSC) 56

Daniel Willson (CAP) 20

Standish Independent gain from Labour


Joanne Marshall (LAB) 1821

Margaret Winstanley (CON) 551

John Skipworth (LD) 404

Labour gain from Liberal Democrats

Wigan Central

George Davies (LAB) 1618

Keith Jones (UKIP) 893

Callum Chadwick (CON) 614


Wigan West

Phyllis Cullen (LAB) 1726

John Atherton (UKIP) 718

Hazel Duffy (LU) 252

Jean Peet (CON) 153

Labour hold


Clive Morgan (LAB) 1177

Andrew Collinson (UKIP) 874

Allan Atherton (CON) 263

Steven Heyes (GRN) 208

Lee Aspey (CAP) 149

Labour hold

Worsley Mesnes

Lynne Holland (LAB) 1552

Gillian Gibson (UKIP) 813

Judith Atherton (CON) 203

Labour hold