Lorry driver rescues kitten dumped in landfill site

A kitten and a lorry driver have become unlikely partners after the animal was found abandoned in a box at a landfill site.

Thursday, 27th July 2017, 9:12 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:29 pm
Paul Gibbons with Gracie the kitten

A kitten and a lorry driver have become unlikely partners after the animal was found abandoned in a box at a landfill site.

Earlier this week, Atherton and Wigan branch of Cats Protection received a call from Paul Gibbons, a lorry driver from Golborne, who found a six-week-old kitten dumped in a shoebox at the waste site in North Wales.

Gracie, as Paul affectionately named the young moggy, was left alone cold, hungry and suffering from an eye infection. On discovering Gracie, who would have otherwise died at the closed site, Paul took her into the cab of his lorry where he phoned the rescue centre for advice. The grateful kitten soon took a shine to her hero and refused to leave his shoulder. Gracie is now in the care of one of the charity’s volunteer fosterers until she is old enough to go to her forever home with Paul.

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Helen Horton, Atherton & Wigan Cats Protection said: “We are so grateful to the lorry driver for rescuing this poor abandoned kitten. We dread to think what the outcome would have been if he had not found her when he did. As soon as she is old enough the kitten will be homed by the driver.”

Paul responded to the outpouring of wellwishers on social media by posting photographs of himself and Gracie in the cab on the way to safety.

He said: “She will be spoilt rotten only girl in the house! She’ll soon be the boss. Mark Twain once said the more I learn of humans the more I love animals. Beginning to believe him.”

Hundreds of messages flooded into the borough-based cat charity branch thanking Paul for rescuing the helpless kitten.

Gracie in the cab

Joyce Lomax said: “What a great thing you have done. I hope you have many happy years together.”

Susan Lautieri posted a message from her nine-year-old daughter Isabella, who was touched by Paul’s kindness: “Hi thank you so much for saving that kitten. You are the best in the world. She is sure going to have a wonderful life with you and you and she are going to be a lot happier. I would do the exact same that you did.”

Although the animal charity has dealt with numerous cases where cats and kittens have been abandoned in boxes, this is the first time they have cared for a kitten found abandoned at a landfill site.

To help reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned kittens Atherton & Wigan Cats Branch Cats Protection is running a neutering scheme which is open to everyone in the surrounding areas. For details go to www.athertonwigan.cats.org.uk .

Gracie in the cab