Louts gloat on Snapchat of charity vandal spree

Winston's Wish Pumpkin Trail at Haigh Hall
Winston's Wish Pumpkin Trail at Haigh Hall

GHOULISH yobs thrashed a Wigan children’s bereavement charity’s Hallowe’en fundraiser - then gloated about their vile antics online.

The thugs destroyed the mile-long pumpkin trail at Haigh Hall over the weekend, which had only opened on Friday in a bid to raise funds for Scholes-based Winston’s Wish.

Volunteers attempted to fix other parts which had been destroyed but the vandals returned to wreck more carnage.

However, thanks to the volunteers work the event will go ahead.

Friends of the charity spotted images of the destruction posted on the social media site Snapchat, which automatically deletes pictures 10 seconds after they’re viewed.

Clare Richards, a community fundraiser for Winston’s Wish, said: “We were really excited about our family Pumpkin Trail this half-term, a community fund-raiser for our work with bereaved children.

“Sadly, over the course of the weekend, vandals have decided to repeatedly vandalise our Pumpkin Trail – damaging and destroying the boxes, equipment and pumpkins scattered around the site – and then they circulated footage of the vandalism.

“It is only thanks to our friends at Haigh Country Park and the fantastic community effort that we have been able to repair and replace the trail and continue to host it. The funds raised from the Pumpkin Trail go directly to our work with children who have suffered the heartbreak of the death of mum, dad or a sibling. Every day more than 100 children are bereaved of a parent in the UK – this could be your classmates, your neighbours, your friends – and we take great pride in helping them move forward with hope, courage and strength after their lives have been turned upside down.

“There is a financial and emotional cost to the damage the vandals have done.

“We ask that they please let the families continue to enjoy the Pumpkin Trail and support Winston’s Wish this half-term.

“We’d like to share a massive thank you to all those who have supported this event and our work. Winston’s Wish will continue to be there for you all.”

In July destroyed the old model village unit, plundering hundreds of pounds worth of equipment in the process.

Friends of Haigh Country Park Chairman John Hulme said: “It’s really taking the heart out of all the volunteers here who have worked so hard to bring back vital amenities to Haigh.”