Loved-up dogs get married (yes you read that right!)

Anyone witnessing one special wedding held last weekend could be forgiven in thinking they had walked into an animated film.

Thursday, 7th July 2016, 12:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:37 pm
Bella and Elvis celebrate their big day

The ceremony had all the bells and whistles of a usual wedding, a dress, bridesmaids and smartly dressed guests, but on this occasion, the bride and groom happened to be dogs.

Shih-Tzus Bella and Elvis tied the knot at a special ceremony planned by owner Alma Padilla that was held at Dogs Country Club UK, a safe place for dogs to go and run around just off Slag Lane in Lowton.

The newlyweds first met back in 2014 and instantly got along well. So when Elvis’ owner could no longer take care of him, Alma stepped in and agreed to look after him.

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Friends and family celebrate with the happy couple

Since then four-year-old Bella and Elvis, two, have produced two litters together and seemed so happy together, that Alma felt it was only right for them to get married – and raise money for charity as well.

They were joined on the day, which had all the traditionally trimmings including groomsmen and bridesmaids, by six of their nine puppies and friends and family.

Alma, from Bury, said: “It was like a proper wedding. There was a wedding march, wedding cake, human food and dog food.

“My friend decorated the room and my son made Bella’s dress. I know it seems crazy but I don’t treat them like pets, they are my babies.”

Friends and family celebrate with the happy couple

The “Belvis” wedding helped raise finds for the Dogs Trust UK, a charity supported by the country club which was set up by Snezhana White.

She said: “Bella first met Elvis in early 2014. It was obvious to everybody who knew her that Bella had fallen in madly love with him at first sight.

“Bella had met other dogs, but none had captivated her interest in the way Elvis had done on that first day.

“Sadly, Elvis’ owners circumstances changed and they were no longer able to keep him. Before beginning a search for new owners for Elvis, his family decided to suggest that he move in with Bella.

“Bella’s family were also besotted with him and did not hesitate to accept him into their home. Elvis and Bella have been living together now for a few years and have two litters of beautiful puppies.

“After such a wonderful story of doggy romance Bella’s owners could see that these two Shih-Tzus were destined to spend their lives together and it was only right that they should be married.

“A wonderful idea that was put together by her owners as a fund raising event for Dogs Trust UK.”