Lucky ad for hen charity

Rami El-Boghdadly with the mirror and TV he sells with his firm Ad Reflect
Rami El-Boghdadly with the mirror and TV he sells with his firm Ad Reflect
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A POULTRY rescue charity is clucking about a new TV ad which aims to boost help for doomed chickens.

When Rami El-Boghdadly dropped by Lucky Hens Rescue, in Amberswood, Ince, he was so impressed by what owner Alison Thorpe does that he created a promotional video which is now shown in some hair salons and barbers in the borough.

The video is a slide show of photos and information on how battery hens are kept and what the centre does to rescue and rehome them.

The 35-year-old from Hindley said: “I visited the centre with my seven-year-old daughter and I didn’t understand how caged hens were treated until I spoke to Alison. It was certainly an eye-opener.

“I ended up making a few videos of the work Lucky Hens does and I put them on the TV screens built onto mirrors which I sell through my company Ad Reflect.

“The idea behind my business came two years ago and I launched it in May.

“Small businesses can advertise on the screens and it is a great way of getting their name out.

“It is about helping everybody. I pay the barbers or salons to put the mirrors up and I get them extra income.

“Charities can’t afford to advertise, so I do it for free for them.

“Because I am a start-up business, I gain work though referrals. Any businesses that come to me for an advert, and mentions Lucky Hens, I will give five per cent of the fee back to Lucky Hens.”

Alison said: “It is fabulous what he has done and it was so nice of him to do this for free.

“It is great to get our name out there, especially ahead of our rescue event on November 28.

“I have ordered 200 caged hens who were used for egg-laying from a farm and there is a booking form on our website for people to take them home.

“If we did not collect them, they would not see the light of day and they would die. Free range hens get slaughtered at 72 weeks.

“We want people to take them and give them a family home. I already have 180 hens which have been reserved by people who want to take them as pets, which is great.”

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