Lucky escape after pan fire

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FOUR people escaped unharmed following a fire in a flat in Wigan.

Firefighters were called to the first floor property in Preston Road, Standish, at 2.10am on Monday, after oil in a pan was burning in the kitchen.

Four young adults managed to leave the premises and called the fire service.

Crews from Wigan were at the scene for an hour and put out the flames using a hose reel and two breathing apparatus.

The fire had spread from the pan, causing severe heat and smoke damage to the kitchen.

Crews managed to contain the fire.

Watch manager Martin White, of Wigan Fire Service, said: “The flat did not have any working smoke alarms and everyone was asleep in another room at the time.

“Luckily someone managed to wake up and alerted everyone else, acting quickly.

“Having a working smoke alarm gives people more time to act and get out.

“Fortunately everyone got out without injury, but it could have been a lot worse, as there was only one exit.

“We can fit a smoke alarm whilst doing a free home fire risk assessment.”

If anyone requires a home fire risk assessment call 0800 555 815.