Mail staff in dog bite plea

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WIGAN’S postal delivery workers’ leader has welcomed a proposed crackdown on dangerous dogs.

A key new inquiry, said the Communication Workers Union today, is “the catalyst” that has long been needed to bring the type of change that will finally see the nation’s century-old failing dog laws bought up to date.

In his report, Sir Gordon Langley calls on Government to take on secure new UK-wide laws which can also apply on private property, while moving away from the breed-specific Dangerous Dogs Act legislation while “getting serious” when it comes to prosecution and punishment.

Area delivery representative with Wigan CWU, Paul Fenney, said: “England will soon be the only part of the UK without updated dogs laws as Scotland and Northern Ireland have already introduced them and Wales is now legislating.

“This Government has refused to act on the issue of dangerous dogs while people like postal delivery workers doing their jobs continue to suffer serious injuries in dog attacks.”

He added that the CWU, which had given written and oral evidence to the inquiry and launched their own campaign in 2008, was pleased that Royal Mail has now pledged to act immediately on the report’s recommendations and will support their staff if they are attacked by a dog at work.

And the fact that the threat of attacks will be taken more seriously and delivery-suspensions will be put in place to prevent attacks’ occurring in the first place.

Mr Fenney said: “We hope that these actions will help to prevent and reduce the number of dog attacks on Wigan postal workers and the government listens to a well researched call for changing the dogs laws.”