Make april fool out of criminals

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WIGAN police are urging the public to help make an April Fool out of crooks.

An local officers themselves will be taking part in a force-wide operation next month to bring thieves, burglars and robbers to justice and make the streets safer.

The activity will build on the latest crime figures, which showed there were more than 16,000 fewer crime victims across Greater Manchester in the 12 months up to last October than there were in the previous 12 months.

There have also been significant falls in crime across Wigan borough to the extent that it has fewer offences than anywhere else in the force area.

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “We have had great success in reducing and solving crime, which is making communities feel safer than ever before. I want people to realise that there are fewer victims of crime and criminals are finding it harder to operate, which is good news.

“During this month-long operation we will be knocking on the doors of offenders, targeting people who pass on stolen goods, appealing for information from the community and making sure people are safe in their homes.”

An April’s Fools gallery of wanted offenders will be uploaded to GMP’s Flickr account and information can be shared and received using the #AprilFool on Twitter. Locals will be urged not to become an April Fool themselves by locking windows and doors to prevent burglary.

Videos relating to operational activity will be also made available on GMP’s YouTube account so residents can see how some operations are carried out.

Mr Hopkins said: “The community can help us with this operation by providing information on anyone they know to be involved in criminality or by helping us locate wanted offenders.

“Victims of stealing offences not only have to go through the ordeal of the offence itself but on many occasions personal and treasured items are taken. That is why we also want to locate and return stolen property so I would urge anyone with information about where and how criminals are disposing of such items to get in touch.

“Residents can pass information at any time by phoning us or visiting their local station, but they can also use our social network accounts and I would urge them to get involved and use our #AprilFool campaign to pass on information.”