Make no miswak, Jimmy’s a star

Comedian Jimmy O with a Miswak Stick
Comedian Jimmy O with a Miswak Stick

HE’S been involved in many bizarre situations over the years but for Wigan comedian Jimmy O, his latest appearance on middle-eastern television is by far the most surreal.

And why has he become its unlikely new star? Because he brushes his teeth with a twig!

It all started when the Ince comic gave up supping diet drinks because he read that they can be quite harmful and started drinking sugar-based ones instead.

It was a move which Jimmy admits wasn’t his brightest.

“I just started getting all these cavities in my teeth,” he explained.

“I decided to think out of the box and look for an alternative treatment than regular toothpaste and I came across miswak.

“It’s an ancient Islamic treatment which involves you biting on the end of this twig and brushing your teeth with it because it is antiseptic.”

The twig is taken from the Salvadora persica tree, known as arak in Arabic, and it is believed that the prophet Muhammed championed its use.

Jimmy, who has an upcoming gig at Rose Bridge Rugby Club on March 29 with TV star Devvo, says that as a result of using it, his teeth have improved and posted on Facebook to tell people about it when an-up-and-coming comedian spotted it.

He knew that a middle-east television channel were looking for western people who used the product to speak to about how they came about it.

Jimmy agreed and was asked to travel to a dentist in Battersea to be interviewed . And this is where the story gets even more bizarre.

“They recorded me having my teeth checked over and the dentist saying how great they were,” he added.

“I thought it was all strange but the best thing about it was that the man who interviewed me, Ahmad Al Shugairi, is a massive TV star over there.

“I has no idea who he was but it turns out he has something like five million followers on Twitter and is huge over there.

“I still use miswak now, it’s great, I just can’t believe how this sort of stuff happens to me.”