Make the right choices

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PARAMEDICS are warning parents to ensure they remember simple safety tips to prevent Halloween turning into a nightmare.

The North West Ambulance Service traditionally see a spike in emergency calls during the festival due to accidents caused by traditional activities such as trick or treating, and health officials are calling on Wiganers to ensure common sense is used to reduce demand for the emergency services.

The service urges parents to make sure children are always accompanied when trick or treating and that youngsters carry a torch or glow stick and wear reflective clothing to make them visible to drivers.

Well-fitting masks, costumes and shoes should also be worn to avoid trips, falls or stumbles caused by blocked vision, while children should also learn how to cross the road properly, especially when walking in the dark when most accidents tend to happen.

The ambulance services also advises people to test any face paints they intend to wear on a small area of skin first to check for irritation.

Director of Emergency Service at NWAS, Derek Cartwright, said: “Halloween can be an exciting time for children and young people but combined with the dark nights and bad weather, children can be vulnerable to avoidable accidents.

“Emergency calls to the ambulance service soar at this time of years. We are urging parents to ensure their children are safe so they can enjoy the night and ambulances are free to attend life-threatening emergencies. People should think before they dial 999.”