Man, 35, hanged himself

A man was found was found hanged in a park after a note was found at his home.

Christian Paul Walker, 35, who suffered from schizophrenia, had written a note to his sister saying she would find a body in the woods, an inquest at Bolton was told.

Cherise Walker alerted police and a search on August 9 led to his body being found in the Seccy Woods area of Lilford Park.

A plastic bag with a blue rope and two knives and cigarettes, a lighter and a bottle of Jack Daniels were also found near the body.

Dr Stephen Mills, consultant pathologist at Wigan Infirmary, concluded Mr Walker had died from suspension by ligature, as a result of hanging.

Traces of alcohol were found in his blood, but Dr Mills said it was not enough to remove his ability to form clear decisions.

The inquest heard that Mr Walker, of Lord Street, Leigh, had a history of schizophrenia and suffered from auditory hallucinations from 2003.

Mr Walker had become obsessed with the Muslim faith, and even changed his name. He began to believe that a paedophile ring, known as The Firm, was out to get him.

He had spent time at Leigh Infirmary and was under mental health care services from Richmond Fellowship, in Leigh, where he was deemed to be stable and was taking prescribed drugs.

The inquest heard how Mr Walker was a private person and did not express a desire to kill himself.

Dr Ali Akhtar Malik, consultant psychiatrist, said: "He had occasional hallucinations, but on the whole he was quite stable."

Mr Walker was supported by a social worker, Susan Cordiner, who said he appeared to be stable and was engaging in social activities at Rueben's Court, in Leigh, under the Richmond Fellowship.

Deputy coroner Alan Walsh recorded that Mr Walker died as a result of hanging himself and intended to take his own life. He said: "I am sure he intended to take his own life by the actions he took and the preparations he made. I reach the conclusion he took his own life whilst suffering from depression."