Man arrested after rooftop siege drama

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News story

A WIGAN man hurled chimney bricks and slates onto the road below during a roof-top stand-off with police.

Manchester magistrates heard the potentially deadly missiles only narrowly missed officers by inches as they tried to talk Samuel Leiper down from his perch on Church Street, Standish.

The agitated 22-year-old had broken into his ex-partner’s home while she was away and caused damage to a TV and staircase before clambering up and out of a skylight onto the roof.

Emergency services were called at 11.30am last Thursday and attempts were made to persuade Leiper to come down as fears grew for his safety. But the first response was a hail of roof debris which smashed into the street.

After 90 minutes though he agreed to descend and was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage. But the trouble was not over.

He was taken to Wigan Infirmary’s accident and emergency department because he had injured himself during the siege and the court heard that at one point when he was escorted to the lavatory he spat at a staff nurse.

The court was told that after breaking into the house he caused criminal damage to a television, bannister spindles and also left blood on the walls and bedding.

Leiper, of Douglas Road, Standish, pleaded guilty to three counts of common assault against two PCs and the nurse and three of criminal damage. He was remanded on bail pending sentencing at Wigan Magistrates’ Court on April 28.