Man arrested on day of release

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A WIGAN man was arrested for being drunk and disorderly the day he was released from prison.

On November 8, Ian Farnworth of Randall Avenue, Shevington, rode the train back home to Wigan following his release from prison, Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard.

Bumping into an associate, he went to the pub where he consumed around seven pints of lager.

At around 1.50pm the same day, a lone worker at MD Autos on Miry Lane found the 30-year-old staggering around the yard.

The police were called and found Farnworth to be abusive and uncooperative, they arrested Farnworth where he remained in custody overnight.

Prosecuting Kate McFarlane told the court: “On November 8, police were given information that a man was in the yard of MD Autos who was thought to be unconscious.

“The man who we know was Mr Farnworth told police he just wanted to go to sleep.”

Defending, Louise Barrow added: “This is a stupid offence but wasn’t the worst one in the world.

“However, anybody could understand that a 6ft 7ins man, staggering around drunk in the afternoon, could be a little intimidating and frightening to somebody working alone.

“He has slept it off and should be given credit for his early guilty plea.

“He has shown a great deal of remorse and does not want to go back to prison.

“That day, he had intended to go home to his sister’s house where he will now be living but met up with a friend, after not drinking for a long time, the alcohol got the better of him.”

Farnworth pleaded guilty and was given a conditional discharge for 12 months.