Man attacked friend during drug-induced psychosis

Crime story
Crime story

A YOUNG man left a friend with a serious hand injury after attacking him because of cannabis-related mental health problems.

A judge told 21-year-old Arron Carter that “a drug-induced psychosis” had led to his mental health issues which came to a head while at a house party.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the trouble flared after Damien Williams had intervened in an argument between cannabis addict Carter and his girlfriend before another man pulled Mr Williams away.

Carter shouted for Mr Williams to come outside and there was then a confrontation outside during which Carter threw the glass he was drinking from at Williams, who put his left hand up to protect his face.

It bled heavily and there was pushing and shoving between the two men.

Carter went back inside and came out with a knife but at the same time an ambulance arrived and there was no further trouble, said Neville Biddle, prosecuting.

After the 4am attack the victim, a chef, was taken to hospital and had to undergo surgery to repair a ruptured tendon and the deep laceration, which left bone and the joint of his left ring finger exposed, had to be cleaned out.

Carter, of Kendal Road, Ince, pleaded guilty to wounding Mr Williams on June 14 last year.

The court heard that he was previously been reprimanded for assaulting his mum and received a caution for slamming a door on a policeman’s finger.

Sentencing him to 12 months’ imprisonment suspended for two years Judge Mark Brown said that Carter “now accepts you were totally in the wrong”.

He placed him under supervision for two years with a four month electronically monitored curfew between 7am and 9am.

Phil Astbury, defending, said that a probation report shows that Carter is now motivated to change.

He is currently living in the Brookfield Centre, which helps people with mental health problems, and is receiving intensive support.