Man attacked partner while children slept nearby

Crime story
Crime story

A DAD has been found guilty of a booze-fuelled attack on his partner while their three children slept nearby.

David Robinson of Heritage Way, Wigan, was handed a suspended sentence for assaulting Angela McIntosh at their home.

Once the friends left, his aggression then turned to his partner

Tess Kenyon - prosecuting

Wigan and Leigh magistrates heard that on the evening of March 28 the pair had invited another couple over for drinks. Later in the evening a fight broke out between Robinson and the other man but was soon split up, reconciled and the friends soon left.

Prosecuting Tess Kenyon said: “Once the friends left, his aggression then turned to his partner.”

She explained Robinson had grabbed the victim’s neck and pushed her when she was near the door, causing her to fall forward and bang her head resulting in a cut.

Justices were told Ms McIntosh had retracted her statement and didn’t support the prosecution.

But a statement from her dad David, which was read to the court, explained she had called him upset in the early hours of the morning crying and saying “he hit me, he hit me”.

Mr McIntosh then went to his daughter’s house to find two of the children, aged 11 and nine, up and visibly upset. As they were shaking, he wrapped them in a blanket and took them to the car. The statement read that on previous occasions the defendant had grabbed a hold of the victim.

Ms Kenyon said Robinson had a dirty face and a cut and swollen eye from fighting with the other man earlier in the evening. The 35-year-old denied the offence but was found guilty after a trial at a Manchester court.

Defending Bob Toppin said: “Inevitably the couple will get back together again. My client is a really good, responsible dad. He is more aware than anybody the upset this would have caused to the children.

“It is in no way a violent relationship and there has never been any other reports of abuse between the pair.”

Robinson was given a three-month custodial sentence, suspended for 18 months. He was also ordered to pay £620 costs, £100 compensation to his partner and £80 victim surcharge.