Man caged for glass attack

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A JEALOUS man who gashed a love rival’s head with a glass shard has been jailed for 12 months.

Liverpool Crown Court heard the weapon came from a window which the defendant, Gary Rigby, had earlier smashed.

Harry Pepper, prosecuting, said that in the early hours of October 22 last year Rigby arrived at the home of Stephen Hurrell in Platt Bridge angrily shouting for his ex-girlfriend Lisa Lock, who was there drinking.

The two men spoke through the window and Rigby then picked up a rat catcher box and used it to smash the pane. Rigby removed glass pieces from the frame and tried to climb in but Mr Hurrell pushed him away and Lisa said she was not going home with him.

He left and Mr Hurrell boarded up the window, but about 9am Rigby returned and kicked the boarding off again, said Mr Pepper. He was demanding his sim card from Lisa and after he was given it he threw a cricket ball-sized piece of glass at Mr Hurrell which cut the left side of his head and led to profuse bleeding.

The victim tried to staunch it with towels and needed stitches at Wigan Infirmary A&E. While awaiting treatment he had a fit and so underwent a CT scan and was kept in over night.

Mr Pepper said that the victim now feels insecure in his own home.

Rigby, 30, of Chisworth Grove, Leigh, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

Jailing him Judge Brian Lewis told him, “Over the years you have shown a tendency to drink too much and when drunk to make a nuisance of yourself, abusing people, damaging things and on occasions assaulting people, particularly policemen.”

Alaric Bassano, defending, said that if Rigby had not pleaded guilty there was a high possibility that the case would have had to have been dropped.

He had been jealous about Lisa’s involvement with Mr Hurrell and his behaviour had been unacceptable.

“What took place was serious and ugly,” he said.

The court heard that Rigby and Lisa, who was in the public gallery, are now married and as he was led to the cells she told him: “I love you.”