Man ‘choked his Thai wife’

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A MAN choked his Thai bride to death at their home and then claimed to police she had threatened to make his life hell, a court has heard.

Rickie Nehls also told officers who attended the terraced property in Maple Crescent, Leigh, that his wife had kept threatening to leave him.

Police found the body of Pornpilai Srisroy, known as Boom, covered by a duvet on the double bed and with a pillow over her face in the front bedroom.

A post-mortem examination confirmed she had been strangled or choked.

A jury at Preston Crown Court has been told that Nehls met his wife while on holiday in Thailand in 2001. The pair married around 2003, but she could not get a visa to come to this country until two years later.

Nehls, 30, denies a charge of murder and a jury has been told that he admits manslaughter.

Mr Stuart Lawson-Rogers QC, prosecuting, told the jury: “It is an agreed fact that at some time before 6.30am on April 26 this year, this defendant choked his wife to death.

“The prosecution’s case is that the killing amounted to murder. The main issue for you to decide, we anticipate in this case, is whether when he killed his wife as he admits, he had lost control, as defined in law, so as to make him guilty not of murder, but of manslaughter instead.”

The court heard that couple had married in Thailand. After his wife came to this country in 2005, they lived together at various addresses before moving to Maple Crescent. They had a young child together.

Mr Lawson-Rogers said evidence will be heard about the relationship between them before the tragic events in April.

The court heard police were called by the defendant’s mother who lived close by on Gordon Street, Leigh. When they arrived he was crying.

Mr Lawson-Rogers said: “He was clearly upset at that particular stage. He was asked what had happened and said this, or something similar ‘We woke up. My wife is from Thailand and she keeps threatening to leave. We argued and she said she was going to make my life hell. She’s put me through it before. I couldn’t let that happen again.

“‘I then just remember getting up from on top of her. I think I’ve choked her’”.

Nehls pleads guilty to manslaughter but not guilty to murder. The prosecution has not accepted his plea.