Man denies killing in alleyway

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A MAN suffered fatal head injuries after being attacked in an alleyway, a murder trial jury heard.

Darren Bolger was set upon by Wigan man Stephen Thomas after an argument and then left bleeding in the walkway off Parr Street, St Helens, it was claimed.

A schoolboy, who witnessed the incident, saw “a squabble” and Mr Bolger being punched hard to the face which caused him to fall to the ground.

Anne Whyte QC, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that Thomas ran off after the attack and Mr Bolger, who was conscious, was taken to Whiston Hospital where he fell into a coma and pronounced dead shortly before midnight.

Shortly after the attack Thomas admitted to others that he had been involved in the incident, she claimed.

She said the victim had suffered a fractured skull – probably from hitting the ground as he fell – which led to fatal bleeding and swelling on the brain. Miss Whyte also claimed marks on the victim’s face indicated the attacker had used a foot as well as fists, and the soles of Thomas’s shoes matched a pattern found in blood at the scene.

Thomas, 25, of no fixed address but formerly of Wigan, denies murder. The pair are alleged to have clashed after both separately visited the Salvation Army hostel in Phoenix Brow.

The security cameras showed Thomas gesturing towards a 6ft high metal fence, running across the grassed area and scaling a fence, injuring his left hand as he went over, claimed Miss Whyte.

“He appears to have chased Mr Bolger down the alleyway,” she added.

An employee of a nearby car showroom heard a male voice, believed to have been the victim saying “come on then” and a passing schoolboy saw a squabble and the fatal incident, alleged Miss Whyte.

She added: “Not long after 3pm the defendant saw people he knew from the hostel and what he told them amounted to a clear admission of violence and serious assault ... He appeared to show very little care or concern about the devastation that he had left behind.”