Man died not knowing he had industrial disease

Thomas Richardson
Thomas Richardson

Lawyers representing the family of a former Wigan trucker who died from an asbestos-related disease are trying to trace ex-colleagues who worked with him when he was contaminated.

An inquest into Thomas Richardson’s death this week heard that the Lowton 77-year-old had been unaware that he had deadly mesothelioma before losing his battle for life in August 2015.

Only a post mortem examination revealed the cause of death and it has now prompted a legal team to seek compensation.

The jury at Warrington Coroner’s Court, which concluded that his death was caused by industrial disease, heard that Mr Richardson had previously worked as a miner but for the majority of his working life had worked as a lorry driver in the haulage industry.

The Richardson family Solicitor, Charlie Bradley of Corries Solicitors, said: “Thomas Richardson’s death due to mesothelioma is a tragedy. The family would understandably like to know where their beloved father and brother had come into contact with the deadly asbestos dust.

“Mr Richardson was a lorry driver and worked for a number of haulage firms in the North West area and would have visited many industrial sites where he may have been exposed to asbestos. We know from the medical evidence that he had extensive exposure to asbestos but we have not yet to date been able to identify where this was.”

Anyone who knew Mr Richardson and who knew how he could have come into contact with asbestos is urged to contact Charlie Bradley of Corries Solicitors on (01904) 527473.