Man ‘faked his own kidnap’

Jailed: Pennington
Jailed: Pennington

A WIGAN trucker has been jailed after he stole his cargo then told police he’d been kidnapped and robbed.

Mark Pennington, also known as Daryl Pennington, was put behind bars for 10 months at Preston Crown Court after previously pleading guilty to charges of theft and perverting the course of justice. The 22-year-old from Kitt Green Road, Kitt Green, had been employed as a delivery driver for a company when he drove into the rural village of Mawdesley near Chorley, last November, with goods and gift worth thousands of pounds.

While in the village, he removed 205 packages from his van and then subsequently called the police claiming that they had been stolen by a man who had also kept him against his will.

However, after further investigations by the police into the claims, Pennington confessed, just days after the crime, to having made the story up after taking the packages himself worth an estimated £6,416.

Judge Graham Knowles, sentencing Pennington at Preston Crown Court, said: “There was, as you knew, bound to be hundreds of victims.

“Two hundred and five parcels were stolen and have never been recovered.

“It’s only been possible to identify the contents of 100 and they were worth just short of £6,500. It seems reasonable to assume the total value was in the region of £13,000.

“This may have caused people not to be able to give presents.

“You did it for easy money out of sheer greed.”

Det Con Graham Hunt of Skelmersdale CID said: “Pennington betrayed the trust of his employers and then wasted a significant amount of police and other emergency service resource with his fairy tales.

“He drove into Mawdesley that November morning with the selfish intention of taking what was not his and with a misguided belief that the truth would not come out – he was wrong.

“Making the crime even more heinous was the timing. It happened during the run-up to Christmas where many individuals and families were sending each other gifts which Pennington was trusted to deliver.

“He now has months in jail to think about the trouble he has caused and the people he has deceived with his crimes.”